Paint Can Combination Tool




The Acme refinish can tool was one of the favorite tools in any collision repair paint department. It opened the cans, poked holes in the paint can gutter so the paint dripped back into the can, and it gently closed the can. It has been out of production for a long time. We are bringing back a new version.

Improvements include even less wear and deformation of the can during all operations, stainless steel for easy cleanup, strength , and durability. Additional functions including a hook to remove those plastic or steel lid keepers on some cans, which will also remove caps from bottles of your favorite beverages.

The Tool In Action




The combination tool does several things.‍

Of course it opens paint cans. The two ends are curved. It works equally well on pints, quarts, and gallons. Making the ends and the lift tabs curved where they contact the can reduces the distortion of the can. If you open a can once or twice it really doesn’t matter if the lid or rim gets bent. But if the can is opened and closed many times, after a while the lid won’t close well and it is difficult to find a new place to pry it open.

The second function is to punch holes in the gutter. The gutter is where all that paint gathers when you pour the paint or wipe your brush off. Punching holes in the gutter allows that paint to drain back into the can. This avoids the mess that can happen when the lid is closed while paint is still in the gutter. Punching a hole is much easier than using a nail or ice pick and hammer.

The third function is to gently pry the lid closed.

There is a teardrop shaped opening that is good at pulling small nails out of the wall.

There is a hook opening on one side. This is to pry those steel safety devices that some paint ships with. Oh, it also does a great job opening bottles of your favorite beverage.

Video of the Combination Tool: